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Feelings are Fleeting

It’s very possible to not entirely understand someone even after being together for a long period of time. One day you can read them like a book, next day you start questioning yourself why on earth did you even want to deal with this confusing human being in the first place. Understanding someone does take time, but time alone can’t be used as the only tool to measure how deep you understand someone. To some extent, indeed time can help you develop the sense of conformity and familiarity with that person, which sometimes can feel the same as understanding them. But to me, people are like bottomless pit, and no matter how long you’ve been with them there might always be something about them that you can’t quite fathom.

I’m a difficult person to understand. One day you could feel how much I care about you and the next day you’d start questioning what you possibly did wrong to me that made me push you away out of the blue. I’m unpredictable and unexpected. I’m not good at expressing my emotion, sometimes I doubt that I even possess it. My fears are somewhat irrational. My feelings for someone tend to change easily, no matter how strong they may appear to be. Sometimes I couldn’t get you off my mind. Sometimes I’m not sure if I ever really like you in the first place. Small things can completely change my mind about something. But hey, feelings are fleeting, they come and go, right? Right? It’s okay if you don’t feel the certain amount of love for someone like you did yesterday. It’s okay if the things that your partner did caused a momentary hesitation, making you wonder whether you should just end things right away or just stay.

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But you, you managed to understand me. At least I think so. We don’t speak the same language about almost everything but you still managed to understand me. At least that’s what I love to believe. I know you’re also a difficult person to understand. You’re a combination of perfectionist and idealist. You want things to work in a certain way. You keep seeking for better options, even when you already had me. Sometimes you came off as ungrateful. One day you said you’re scared of losing me, and the next day you acted as if you never cared about me at all. You hated me for being emotionless but you’re mad at me for showing a bit of jealousy. You made things went awry. You reminded me that feelings are fleeting.

But most importantly, you stayed. Thank you for that. You stayed for a quite long period of time in my life, for whatever reason. I’m bad at keeping relationship, but you stayed. It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing even though it eventually had to come to an end. I don’t regret it. You enriched my journey with your presence. You made me feel loved. I loved you. You’re one of those special people who shaped me into the person that I am today. And I do hope that I also leave a possitive impact in your life, no matter how tiny and insignificant it might seem. Maybe we both can hardly feel the love that once we shared. But the memories we made can’t be easily erased.

It doesn’t really matter whether the feeling is still there or has entirely vanished. All that matters is that I still want the best things for you. I want you to always be happy and healthy, to be successful in your passions, to achieve what you want to achieve, and to live the life you always dream of. Those are my wishes for you on your birthday. Hey, happy birthday. Today you’re 24. Time flies so fast. It’s been 4 years since the first time I said happy birthday to you. I know we never really celebrated our birthdays since it has never been our tradition to do that. You said you didn’t care about it. Me neither. No, not about you or your birthday, but the birthday celebration itself. I, however, still care about you, or I wouldn’t find it necessary to write this down for you.


44 thoughts on “Feelings are Fleeting

  1. I really know what you feel huhu. Things might be change, but don’t forget to always praying for him because it’s truly the best thing that everyone can do for the love one. Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

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  2. This reminds me of an old song, a Christian song. Some of the words are:

    Feelings come and feelings go
    But feelings are so deceiving
    I’ll place my faith in the Word of the Lord
    Nothing else is worth believing, nothing else is worth believing

    Peanuts and popcorn and I’m feeling okay
    I get excited when the dancing bear dances
    But can I serve Him when the band doesn’t play
    Will I trust Him through these changing circumstances… by Greg X Volz

    This is why we can’t live by our feelings, because our feelings are up one day and down another. Our feelings can fluctuate with our circumstances. So, yes, they are fleeting. This is where faith comes in to play, because faith is not based on our feelings. In fact, we can be steadfast in faith regardless of our feelings. And, that is a good thing.

    Thank you, Nadya, for being so honest about your feelings.


  3. I’m also a kind of person who can change my mind easily, hhhaa
    Just let the time flies and eveything to change, but let’s move on and find a better direction. Don’t live in our old memory.
    (Waduh ngomong opo aku iki)


  4. Kalau dari uraiannya sih, Nadya itu menjelaskan dirinya labil, fragile dan ‘vulnerable’. Sifat-sifat khas yang ada pada perempuan.

    Empat tahun pacaran, si doi-nya udah berani ngelamar belum?


  5. I and my family have always had strong feelings about birthdays. Growing up in a financially poor but emotionally rich household birthdays were heralded. To this day, we still push the envelope a bit more each year to be the first to call the birthday person and sing Happy Birthday to them. I just discovered your postings.

    I appreciate your warm and friendly writing style and enjoy reading your comments on interesting topics such as this one..

    Marty Herman, mhermanwriter.wordpress.com/

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