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When Your College Major is Being Looked Down Upon by Other People

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Final exam for 12th grade student is just around the corner. I can’t help but recollecting as much as memories of what I experienced in my last year of high school. Six years ago, I was a confused 12th grade student, not having any idea of what major that I’d choose in college. I used to say that I’d choose english literature just because english was one of the subjects that I was kind of doing good at, besides math. I hadn’t done enough research to get to know more of all majors available in my alma mater so my judgement was solely based on what subject that I was doing good at, not on what major that I was interested to learn more or to pursue a career in it. So I decided to gather as much as information of what major that my alma mater offered and discussed it with my dad. Long story short, I chose to study animal science.

When I thought my confusion was already cleared, some people came up with questions like “what are you going to do with that?” or worse, “why didn’t you chose a more popular major?”. I didn’t even bother to think of the answer though, but I knew what they meant when they asked me that. I mean, I’m not stupid enough to read between the lines. Is there anyone here who happened to experience the same thing, or am I just a little too sensitive?

When people knew that I studied in UGM, they’re like “wow that’s great!” but when they asked my major, they’re not as excited as they were before. It seems like there’s a general consensus that certain subjects at university are more respectable and often associated with smart students, and will yield a high salary upon graduation, which pretty much shows that a large portion of people who frequently asked me are much too focused on money and prestige. Well, it’s totally okay if high salary become your main factor in choosing your college major, I mean, in the end we try to earn money with our degree. But it’s never okay to look down upon other people’s major just because it’s less popular or not as prestigious as your major. Choosing a college major is not about choosing which one is more prestigious than the other. It’s about choosing what you have interest in and have a chance to develop yourself in it. Studying in college is not always about increasing knowledge. It’s also about sharpening your logical thinking.

Being a student of animal science, sometimes I can easily feel how some people look down upon my major because they think it’s not a difficult subject, or even why it really matters, and assuming that all I do is just raising cattle and feeding them. Well people always assume about everything the same way they assume that art and design students is just about painting nice picture or selling their paintings. But you know, that’s just one of many, many options. Like animal science, it’s not just about raising cattle and producing beef and milk. The source of fat and protein that we eat on daily basis are pretty much the products of animal science. Where do you think all the milk, eggs, cheese, steak, corned beef, sausage that you consume on your daily life come from?

I believe that every major has its own challenge and is equally important. That’s pretty insulting when people just look down upon other majors without really knowing about what others are learning. But unfortunately academic snobbery will always exist. Those who are quick to judge a subject that they have little to no understanding is a reflection of their own ignorance and close-mindedness.

Choosing a college major can be overwhelming especially when we’re already sold on the idea that the rest of our adult life is determined on that choice, but actually it’s not a life sentence. In fact, many graduates find jobs that have nothing to do with what they studied in college. You don’t only gain knowledge in college since you also developed your personal skill. In the end, why would you look down upon people’s degree or jobs when we’re all essensially just working to fulfill our needs and to pay our bills?


84 thoughts on “When Your College Major is Being Looked Down Upon by Other People

  1. I know how you feel. My college major, Communications, was looked down on at the beginning of my college career. I was going in a time where society wasn’t really sure if this whole “social media” things was going to get popular, so everybody was like: “What are you going to do with that?”

    Thanks for vising my blog! It’s super nice to meet you. I love your writing, so I’m following your blog and I look forward to reading future posts.

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  2. A good article and one we totally agree with. Too many students focus too soon on what they think will bring them fame and fortune in career instead of studying what they love. I’ll be posting on this next Monday! 👍🙏👫

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    • Too many people only aspire for money over their own enjoyment, resulting in careers that deep down they dislike, but delude themselves into believing are worthwhile.
      I’m looking forward to reading your post 👍😊

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  3. Totally agree!!! I think that there is this perception that your major will trap you into doing certain things for life, when in reality a good liberal arts education (regardless of your major) opens you up to many possibilities!

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    • Yes you’re right! And also many people end up doing jobs that has nothing to do with their college degree and still earn a good amount of salary. With so many possibilities, i just dont understand how people look down upon other people’s college majors.

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      • My theory is that many people don’t quite realize all the possibilities that exist. That’s certainly the case with my history major, as people’s brains hurt when they think of my doing anything outside of teaching history.

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  4. Hello, Nadya! I saw you liked one of my posts, so here I am! Hehe.
    Y’know, I couldn’t agree more because I also experienced it. (I think we’re at the same age too!)
    I studied in UNS, majoring Agrotechnology. It was exactly the same like what you experienced; they wowed when I told them where I studied at but they lost their excitement after I told them my major.
    What’s so wrong about studying agriculture? Like wtf people, what do you eat everyday? We also work in laboratory to create a high quality plant for you to eat.
    And I also highlight your sentence “It seems like there’s a general consensus that certain subjects at university are more respectable and often associated with smart students, and will yield a high salary upon graduation …”
    I totally feel that. They kind of underestimated my major but they never knew that I also stayed awake all night just for doing my report. I worked really hard to identify and memorize the classification of pests which have similar characteristics.

    Elders also often asked me what I will to be in the future if I take that major. They mostly went, “Farmer?” while giggled annoyingly.
    But they never knew that farmers in Japan live like a millionaire there.
    Farmers never get the respects and yields they deserve. That’s why they become the icon of poorness.

    But yeah, let the fool stay foolish. I’ve been adjusted on that kind of situation anyway lol.

    And for you, Nadya, thank you so much for writing this! Keep making something amazing ✨
    I love your writings and I’d like to befriend you.

    Sorry for the superlong comment. xoxo.

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    • Hello!

      Ugghh why do students from agro cluster (not all majors, tho) have to be looked down upon like this 😦 it’s hurt to see how quick people go from saying “wow” to “oh” after finding out that apparently we’re just studying things that’s not considered as challenging/difficult as other academic disciplines.

      It’s really sad to see people underestimating what we learn when actually they dont fully know what we’re learning in college. They only draw upon their own minimal experience/knowledge and coming up with such verdicts that agriculture students become farmer, animal science students become cattleman/breeder. Actually, theres nothing wrong if we end up doing that jobs. Just because we dont work in fancy place or wear fancy clothes doesnt mean we’re the icon. But what can we do? That has become a common perception, rooted so deeply in our society.

      Lmao seeing people giggling annoyingly is the worst though!!! I wanna stab them with a knife in the sternum.

      Hahahah i dont mind reading a long comment. I love what you wrote above and I also couldn’t agree more with you.

      By the way kamu UNS 2012 nih? Aku punya temen Agrotek 2012 juga loh 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading my post, it’s really nice to meet you ♡ salam kenal ya.


  5. Honestly, I feel like any major that’s not Business, Computer Science or Engineering gets looked down upon as being too easy or not practical enough. I’m a psychology major and sometimes I wish I’d majored in English instead.

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    • Yes, sometimes it is like unless you’re taking STEM, you’re doing a worthless major. That’s not my opinion though. Hey i’ve always been interested to learn psychology. I think its a pretty interesting major.


  6. Keren sih Nadya kalau kata aku. Bisa jago dalam literatur inggris juga pintar matematika. Kalau aku justru gak terlalu suka matematika, karena udah pusing duluan lihat angka. Kalau bhs inggris sih little-little I can. Cuma bisa Yes or No udah Alhamdulillah hee..

    Jadi, mwnurutku gak selalu hal yang dianggap rendah oleh orang lain akan dinilai sama oleh semua orang. Mungkin di luar sana ada yang memandang rendah jurusan yang kita pilih. Tetapi di sisi lain, ada juga kok orang yang bahkan belum tentu bisa fight, struggle kemudian lulus di jurusan yang kita sekarang pilih.

    Semuanya tergantung point of view masing-masing orang dan bagaimana ia mencari perbandingannya.

    Tetap semangat! Aku terkesan dengan tulisan-tulisan dari Nadya. Cuma bisa baca aja karena kalau disuruh nulis dalam bahasa inggris, duh aku masih minder karena belum bisa.

    Btw, salam kenal ya

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    • Halo Mas. Wah aku ga jago ttg literature bhs inggris, cuma waktu jaman SMA, nilai rapot yg nolong buat bisa ikut SNMPTN cuma di mata pelajaran bahasa inggris dan matematika, sisanya pas-pas an karena emg beneran gangerti pelajarannya. Jadi begitu disuruh mikir ttg jurusan kuliah, yg ada dipikiran cuma antara dua itu.

      Iya mas, setuju sm apa yang km sebutin di atas. Mereka yg mandang rendah blm tentu bs ngejalanin apa yang kita jalanin, dan sebagian besar emg cuma belum tau aja ttg jurusan yg kita pilih, jadi ngejudgenya ya cuma brdasarkan bayangan mereka aja yg terkadang itu blm ada apa apanya kalo dibandingkan apa yg sebenernya kita pelajarin. Tapi ya gapapa, semua org berhak berpendapat biarpun kadang agak ngeselin caranya hehehe.

      Wah makasih mas, ini aku jg nulis dalam rangka belajar biar lancar dan terbiasa hehehe.

      Salam kenal juga mas.


  7. I understand. No one looked down on my college major, that I am aware of, but when I became a stay at home mom and homemaker, I had many people look down on me, as though what I did with my life was unimportant compared to what women did who had careers outside the home. I still experience that when I tell people that I write blog posts every day about God and the Christian faith. That is why we can’t let prople’s opinions of us influence what we do. We all have to be who we were meant to be whether it meets with human approval or not. I know I have to be who God created me to be.

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    • I can understand how you feel. The higher the education degree, the bigger the pressure to be ‘something’. And by something they mean having a careers outside the home, or in a big company. As if being a stay at home mom is a sign of incompetence to be ‘something’.
      I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence, “i have to be who God created me to be” 🙂

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      • Nadya, you explained that very well. How people view us, and what we do, has everything to do with how people generally perceive what is ‘something’ and what they normally regard as not ‘something’. But, we don’t have to go by their opnions, thank God, in order to truly be or do something special.

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  8. I have to hold my hands up and say that sometimes, us law grads, think most other degrees are just not as stressful. So, that’s something that I need to change. Although, now I wish that I had done something different to law like communications or business management because it would have been more suitable. I think, like myself, others are like you said quite ignorant about degrees that we don’t recognise as much and sometimes it might be out of concern for the person. But if it is regards to prestige, then yeah, it’s not the kindest thing to do.

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    • tbh i’m a law student too. i took double degree, one is animal science and the other one is law degree (i havent finished it and not sure whether i could really finish it or not) and based on my experience there’s always stressful phase in every major that i took so in my opinion it’s not wise to say that animal science is not as stressful as law or vica versa. when i was still a sophomore i used to think that my major (animal sciece) is so stressful i used to envy all my friends taking economic degree because they seemed to have more spare time to hangout with friends. but again, i hated economic so much so i might as well not be able to survive there. just like everyone else who might not be able to survive in my major despite the fact that they thought my major wasn’t difficult.

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      • Agreed. I guess there’s always that feeling of “the grass is greener on the other side” when in reality, every degree comes with its respective hardships. it’s just that we’ve only experienced our own hardships so that we cannot fathom another’s experience. But hopefully with passion and I guess, if it’s a subject that complements your personality, it can be much more enjoyable even if it is difficult!

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  9. Love this. Some people are so stuck in the whole status/money trap that they can’t consider the idea of studying something they actually enjoy and might be interested in. What other people think means nothing. Good on you. X

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  10. Wishing you the best, Nadya – perhaps you’d enjoy reading a good book I just finished written by an animal behaviorist – “Alex and Me.” We need people in all walks of life 🙂

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  11. Life Out Loud says:

    So true! When I tell people my major I am suddenly submitting myself to a round of 20 questions where the person acts as if they have the right to feel superior to me because they chose a more basic, ‘reliable’ major. I could not have worded this article better myself.

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    • I can imagine how it feels like to be in your posisition. I don’t mind if people are curious abt my major and asking me many questions in a very respectful way. But when they ask out of curiosity in order to make them feel good abt their major, that’s awful.

      I hope u dont take all the negative comments to ur heart 😊💕

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  12. OMG! That’s just the story of my life! Honestly, for the last 8 years (I’m counting with the last year in school and I’m finishing my master degree this year in December, so i already studied at uni for almost 7 years) people judge my choice every freaking time! Yes, I chose a major that is singing, it’s not as popular of a major as every other, but whenever someone even look at me strangely, as if they want to tell me that was a stupid decision, they better be ready to have a harsh answer for that question! I had to learn at school that people are going to judge you, criticize you, even maybe laugh at your choice of career. You know what? I don’t care! Whilst I was happy as ever studying what I love the most in this life, my classmates and general people around me seemed to be disappointed in everything they did, they questioned their choices and all that. I, on the other hand, still think that I made the best decision for my future by choosing music.
    Oh, and how I love people questions like:”sooo…what do you have to do, to pass your exams? Just sing?”-when I say, that yes, one of the exams at the end of each semester is singing, but we have a lot more of different subjects too, they usually make a face that says “omg, really? Sing and that’s it? I want to be in your place!”, yeaaaah, as if singing is so easy…people don’t even realize how much work I have to do, to not just sing, but to be great at it! No one knows that you have to have a great technique, you have to learn what style of music is closest to you(you have to live in those songs, not just vocalize), there are so many other things that goes into being a singer! But no one cares, because they would always think that it’s not serious, that that’s childish…
    I say, do what you heart tells you to do! No one can make the decision for you!
    Great post! Thanks for checking my blog, by the way! Very nice to meet you! 🤗

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    • Omg. Why do people always like to meddle in other people’s business. Why do they always feel the need to know everything. Why do they even ask if their only intention is to belittle it. Why cant they just let people do things that we love to do. WHYYYYY

      What happened to u was horrible. But its really great to see that you really know what you want and you’re confident with ur choice. That’s great. Not everyone can be like that. But you, somehow, managed to have that. I also have a friend who major in music and dancing, and they also experienced the same thing like you. Keep doing what u love 💕💕

      Nice to meet u too ❤❤

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      • My point exactly! I will never understand people who can’t mind their own business! 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈🙄
        Although I doubted myself a few times, I always told myself that I would never forgive myself if I wouldn’t chase my dream! You just have to ask yourself if you can live without it(anything you like/love, for me it’s music), if the answer is “yes”, than I think you’re wasting your time. Plus, dreams have to scare you, otherwise the dream is not big enough 😉🤗 Hope your friend doesn’t care about people’s opinions!


  13. I am so glad you have stood up for yourself. Your major is your choice and yours alone. You know you made It for the best reasons for you, that is all that matters. Ignore the supercillious overlookers, the fact that they feel they have to say those things only reveals their inadequacies.

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  14. Don’t worry what ppl think. I’ve even had lecturers make fun of my choices in my triple majors and then when I went for jobs employers were impressed. You have to do what your passionate about.


  15. Especially like the part about ‘studying in college is also about sharpening your logical thinking’. Not many people are quite aware of this on day-to-day basis, I guess. All in all, I love the spirit! 🙂 Keep the faith, Nadya. Cheers!

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  16. I so agree!Where I live,college ofiicially starts right when you are in 11th which means you can start choosing your subjects from 11th grade itself.I plan on being an art major,and ive heard too many times that art is too easy and that I’m going to end up broke.But do what you want to,and follow your heart!Love your blog,i’d love for you to check mine out too<3

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    • My friends who took art major also used to deal with that kind of stereotype too. But they could prove them otherwise 😉
      Right! Couldnt agree more with you.
      Aww thank you. sure! i’ll check out ur blog too ♥

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  17. I completely agree with this post! I am currently a first year in college majoring in International Business- one of the most unpopular business majors and people often tell me about how there aren’t many job opportunities for my major. Thanks for all the wise words of insight you put into this post 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your content

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    • Ughhh why do people choose to give such negative comments instead of constructive criticism?!! i do hope none of that makes you regret for choosing your current major. Don’t let negative comments bring you down. You’re the one who knows best what you really want to do. ❤
      It’s my pleasure 🙂 thankyou so much! i’m glad you liked it.

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  18. I couldn’t agree less, that’s how people so looked down on mu course,Estate Management. They will tell you that they don’t need to read to pass the exam. We that will read all night for an exam hardly make an A, even when it is an A, it’s usually 75-85 over 100….They will so make your course so inferior

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  19. The Intentions Of Kiki says:

    As an art major, I completely understand. The great assumption about art majors are the lax amount of work, and how we have no major tests or textbook readings (we do for art history). People dont understand that drawing, painting, and sculpting a piece takes HOURS and HOURS. My professor told me that we are expected to work 60 hours per week on our art homework. I pulled so many all nighters in my first year of college just because my major requires so much time and dedication. Nothing about art is easy at all.

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  20. I’m a junior in a high school in America and it’s about time I choose what I want to major in. On one hand I want to choose something in the humanities or with the arts, on the other hand I know my Asian parents may frown upon that and want me to do something more technical. I’m trying to find some kind of compromise or find something technical I really enjoy. Thanks for sharing, this really helped. I gave you a follow. 🙂 Please check out my blog when you get a chance.


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